Action points

Jesus: the Doorway into God’s Abudant Life for Us!


In our worship gatherings on Sunday, we continued in our summer series “I AM: Facing Uncertain times with an ever-present God.” If you had any trouble viewing it, check out our great recording here.  


This past week, we’ve explored the first of two “I AM” statements in John chapter 10. Jesus describes God’s people like a flock of sheep (John 10:1-5). When his audience didn’t quite understand, He clarified with this:


John 10:9-10 “I am the door. If anyone enters by me, he will be saved and will go in and out and find pasture. The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”


Jesus was the only way to God: the entrance we all need to go through in order to have access to our Creator. And unlike those who had called God’s people to follow them before, Jesus wasn’t misguided, broken, or corrupt…but offered true, abundant life to all those who follow after Him!


So, what’s this mean for us today? How can we put these ideas into action?


Take a moment to meet with God regarding these thoughts. Remove distractions, sit still, and listen for His voice. Thank God for promise of abundant life He’s offered!


Then, consider Jesus’ teaching in John 10:8-10.

  • Who are “thieves and robbers” (leaders) misleading “the sheep” (God’s people) in our world today?
  • With a whole world of clever and engaging leaders/speakers at our fingertips anytime and anywhere, how can you discern which voices you should be allowing to influence you?
  • How can you ensure you’re listening to Jesus more than anyone else?


Or, consider Jesus offer of abundant life in John 10:10.

  •       In what ways has your new life in Christ been more “abundant” (John 10:10) than before Jesus rescued and called You?
  •       If this doesn’t describe your experience, what questions might you still have, or what obstacles are in your way? Ask God for guidance and courage, and feel free to reach out to your Life Group leader or one of our pastors

Bible Reading Plan for the week

Jesus set some foundational truths in place before claiming He was the one entry point into God’s fold/family/people. Grow in God this week by soaking in these Scriptures describing these heated dialogues and miraculous healing! Use an easy-to-read printed Bible, or even an audio bible while you exercise or commute! (or explore other Bible reading plans). Enjoy! 

  1.      Monday, Aug 3                          John 8:31-38
  2.      Tuesday, Aug 4                         John 8:39-47
  3.      Wednesday, Aug 5                   John 8:48-59
  4.      Thursday, Aug 6                        John 9:1-23
  5.      Friday, Aug 7                             John 9:24-41