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In our worship gatherings on Sunday, we continued in our summer series “I AM: Facing Uncertain times with an ever-present God.” Just one more Sunday until our church begins our 2020 All Church Focus!


On Sunday, we explored the second of the two direct “I AM” statements in John, chapter 10. Twice, Jesus proclaims:


John 10:11,14 “I am the good shepherd.”


This powerful metaphor was familiar to His Jewish audience. It communicated what kind of a leader He was. Jesus was a leader with…


  • quality and integrity (John 10:11)
  • who was sacrificial and loving (John 10:11-13)
  • a relational leader (John 10:14-15)
  • a Unifier (John 10:16)
  • full of undeniable power (John 10:17-21)


So, what’s this mean for us today? How can we put these ideas into action? 

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Take a moment to meet with God regarding these thoughts. Remove distractions, sit still, and listen for His voice. Thank God for great leadership He provided for us in His Son, the Good Shepherd!


Then, consider how Jesus’ audience responded to His self-description, in John 10:19-21.

  • How have you responded to these truths about Jesus?
  • Like in John 10:21, what miraculous things might Jesus have done in your life (or someone close to you) that convinced you to get to know Him or follow after Him?
  • Take time in prayer to ask Him for answers, or to thank Him for those He’s already provided!



Bible Reading Plan for the week


We find Jesus’ self-identification as the Good Shepherd in the middle of a chapter concerning His credentials. Grow in God this week by soaking in these Scriptures describing some dicey dialogues and powerful proclamations! Use an easy-to-read printed Bible, or even an audio bible while you exercise or commute! (or explore other Bible reading plans). Enjoy!


  • Monday, Aug 10              John 10:7-18
  • Tuesday, Aug 11             John 10:19-21
  • Wednesday, Aug 12             John 10:22-30
  • Thursday, Aug 13            John 10:31-39
  • Friday, Aug 14              John 10:40-42



Learn, explore, and grow more!

Read a webpage version of this and find many more great resources on our Revive webpages!



Learning alongside you,

Kerry Kaufman