Next Sunday August 23, 2020 we start our annual All-Church-Focus. This year is entitled “Exploring Joy in Difficult Times” a study in the Bible book of Philippians. Both the Apostle Paul and the Philippian Believers were struggling, and being Paul had found Joy in focusing on Jesus, he wanted to challenge others to do the same. Paul knew, like Nehemiah did, that there is strength in joy.

Nehemiah 8:10... for the joy of the Lord is your strength.


This All-Church-Focus is a study focus where our entire church: kids, students, families, and adults all study the same Bible book. This year we have made some fun new opportunities to get the most out of our study of this book. One of these new elements is we are using a lot of videos to help you grow in your own time with the Lord. You will be learning about SOAP to help in your daily Bible reading. As well, we have established Neighborhood Bible University (NU or NBU) to give you short Bible teaching videos as we walk verse-by-verse through the Bible book of Philippians. They will be available through our website and YouTube channel to be viewed as we walk through the book, or you can binge watch the whole series. Sunday sermons will be inspirational times to learn more and be challenged to take on joy. The key element of the All-Church-Focus is being connected to and involved in a Life Group. These smaller groups will be a great time to connect and learn together as we discuss what we are learning from our own time in the Bible, NBU, and from the sermons. To sign up to be part of a Life Group click here.  Also, through these groups we will be doing a service project encouraging us to bring some joy to our neighbors. Oh, and there will be more!!


Our hope and prayer is that you join in on this All-Church-Focus, be part of a Life Group, and seek to learn much as we spend this concentrated time together.


In all the ups and downs of this time of life, God wants to make a way and do something new in you. Let’s discover the joy in it all together.


Believing in our miraculous God along with you,

Pastor Mike