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I have been running these past few weeks. It’s been tough and I’m sure not a pleasant sight as I struggle through my few miles. Now, I did at one time run the Long Beach Marathon, but I am out of running shape. However, it is slowly becoming a joy as I feel healthier. One thing I learned very early in my training is what I wear when I run matters. I need a good shirt that breathes, shorts that don’t encumber, and shoes that are light, cushioned, and keep my feet balanced. By the way, I just purchased some amazing shoes that feel so good on my feet. When I have all my gear, I am dressed for action. 

This week as we continue our study in Job, God calls Job to dress for action. The phrase used literally means “gird your loins for action.” Sunday, May 24, at the Cypress Campus, I will give a little demonstration as to what that means, but it’s the tying up of a tunic so one is ready for action. It means to be prepared to put forth the highest effort. In Job’s case, to get ready to respond and react to what God says.  

God does speak. He speaks through His Word the Bible and through His Holy Spirit directly to us. Now sure, we are to ‘test’ the spirits (see 1 John 4:1-6) and make sure our inklings are from God. But we are to be dressed for action, ready to bravely and courageously step into whatever actions God calls us to. Are you dressed for action? 

One way is to read the Bible text we are going to be walking through this week. Yep, it’s long, but why not give it a try, Job 38-40:5

Revive Your Soul This Week 

As a reminder and to help you be ready for whatever action God is calling you to take, we have created this section on our webpage called “revive your soul this week”. One truth that has come out of this Coronavirus crisis is we each need to take more initiative with our faith. If you have come to a place where you believe in Jesus as your Savior and Lord, you have the best Teacher, Mentor, Coach, and Guide with you. It’s the Holy Spirit. He is the One who grows us as we put ourselves in an environment of growth. So, give it a try and take in some of the creative teaching.


Reminder: An Opportunity to be a Blessing 

While we’re limited in many ways right now, there are opportunities to do good all around us! Prior to the current pandemic restrictions, a relationship was being developed between Neighborhood Church and the chaplain of the Los Alamitos race course. There are hundreds of workers behind the scenes who live on the race course site, oftentimes in difficult living conditions. They could use some basic supplies like small bags (2 lbs.) of rice or pinto beans, also toothpaste and soap. They’re opening a local pantry onsite for the workers and these items will help keep their shelves stocked. Please drop them off at Neighborhood Church - Cypress campus 6143 Ball Road, Cypress Ca, 90630, Monday-Thursday 9am-4pm and Sundays from 8am-12:30pm

Resuming In-Person Gatherings 

There has been a lot of talk and media about when churches will be able to resume their in-person worship gatherings. At the point of this writing, Orange County has not given rulings on churches being allowed to provide in-person gathering. However, we have been creating plans, new policies, and procedures to meet projected CDC (Center of Disease Control) guidelines. There is much to consider as we resume, from children’s ministry, to how we position our worship center, to singing being we will most likely be required to wear masks, and more. What we don’t want is to have so many restrictions that it greatly inhibits worship and connecting to the point of creating greater frustrations. As well, COVID-19 is a highly contagious virus with serious health dangers and we need to assume the risk as we go into any public space, including attending church. In light of this, we know some people will feel more comfortable continuing to worship at home and therefore, we will continue to offer engaging live-stream of our Sunday gatherings. However, we do see the great value and biblical encouragement to holding in-person worship and fellowship times. We also weigh that with the clear biblical mandate to obey governing authorities (Roman 13:1-5Titus 3:11 Peter 2:13-17). Please pray we would have wisdom and the resources to get us ready when it is time. Please also pray this crisis would end!  

Seeking to be dressed for action along with you, 

Pastor Mike