"Now Paul stayed two full years in his own rented lodging and welcomed all who came to him, preaching the kingdom of God and teaching things about the Lord Jesus Christ with all openness, unhindered." (Acts 28:30-31) 

Unhindered? Really?! The Apostle Paul’s “rented lodging” was house arrest – and this wasn’t his first time behind bars. Paul was in and out of jail, beaten, shipwrecked, and more. How could he feel unhindered? 

Yet he was. Paul overcame his limitations to spread God’s grace and encouragement wherever he went – and even the places he couldn’t go – as he shared the love of Jesus. This is true of men and women all over the Bible in big and small ways.  

In a COVID world, we need this challenge more than ever. As tempting as it can be to bunker down and wait out the storm, God has something bigger for us, something better for us. And not just better for us, but for a world in desperate need of the hope and love of Jesus.  

We weren’t made to be socially distant and holed up. We were created to engage God and the world around us. Join us as we walk through some of the Bible’s most beloved stories and see how God’s people engaged the world around them in big and small ways. As we move from the new year to Easter, we want to push through the fear of our time and engage our world in a time of disengagement, to live out God’s mission … unhindered.  

Sermon series schedule

2/7 Created to Engage: Genesis 1:26-31; Acts 17:22-28

2/14 Engage/Love Like Jesus: John 4; 20:19-32


2/21 Blessed to be a Blessing: Genesis 12:1-3 (Abraham) 


2/28 Equipped to Engage: Exodus 4:1-17 (Moses) 


3/7 Courage Without Compromise: Daniel 6 (Daniel & lion’s den) 


3/14 Good Works in Bad Time: Jeremiah 29 & Matthew 5:13-16


3/21 Share your story: Acts 26 (Paul’s testimony) 


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