As the Pastor of Elementary Children's Ministries, Lorena loves to see children engaging with God's word, singing with all their heart, and having a great time with their friends at church! You'll find her getting slimed at VBS, playing the guitar during kid's worship, or teaching students on a Sunday morning.  

Lorena sees herself as a princess warrior who is the redeemed daughter of a Mighty King!  She loves most things chocolate - except brownies (yep it's kinda weird) - and going to the beach. 

Lorena committed her life to Jesus as a 10-year old kid because her heart was captured by the story of God's amazing power and love in the Bible.  She felt the call to serve the Lord at a young age which eventually led her to Biola University where she double-majored in Christian Education Ministries and Spanish.  In a desire to grow in her ability to explain God's word and her understanding of church ministry practices, she completed her Master of Arts degree in Christian Education at Talbot School of Theology.

Lorena enjoys spending time with her family,  especially her nieces who keep her heart full of joy and fresh insight that keeps her young!  Some of her favorite memories are from times spent around the table enjoying homemade Mexican food while listening to the stories of those that came before her.

¡Nos vemos pronto!