Here at Neighborhood Church, we believe that God has called us to trust in Him in all things. Because God is our provider, we trust God to supply all of our needs. That is where Faith Promise comes from.


How Do i give to Faith Promise?

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Under the "Fund" drop-down menu, select "Faith Promise." 

You make a check to Neighborhood Church, and write "Faith Promise" on the memo line.

With cash, use an offering envelope and indicate "Faith Promise" on the outside. 

Venmo neighborhoodchurch_ and write "Faith Promise" in the description. 

Faith Promise

Faith Promise is a promise to give a financial gift, over and above our usual tithe, for global outreach. The gift, given consistently or one time, is based upon faith in whom God is, and what He is calling us to do with our finances. A Fatih Promise commitment is motivated and compelled by faith, trusting that God will allow us the means to give and serve needs around the world for His glory. 


In 2 Corinthians 8-9, we see God channel His blessings from local churches to those in faraway places. Specifically, the earliest churches were sacrificing for the sake of the church in Judea. It is our desire that Faith Promise is a modern equivalent of such generosity. Some of the characteristics we see are:

  • The gift is more than one can naturally afford (8:2-4) 
  • The gift is a personal commitment (8:5) 
  • The gift is optional, yet expresses our love for God (8:8) 
  • The gift is promised before it is actually given (9:5) 
  • The gift is a tool for blessing in our own lives (9:6) 
  • The gift is personally planned and purposed (9:7) 
  • The gift should be given cheerfully (9:7) 
  • The gift is provided by God (9:8) 

This offering is also referred to in Acts 11:27-30 and 24:17; Galatians 2:10; Romans 15:23-33; and 1 Corinthians 16:1-9.



Our Faith Promise will go to fund short term and long-term missions. Our goal is to fund our entire mission budget through Faith Promise, allowing us to meet mission needs and opportunities as they arise, independently of our regular church budget. 

As a church, we will continue to make sure that we meet the commitments we have made for this budget year, yet we also want to see where else God might have us step out. This coming year we are blessed to have five people from our congregation going on the mission field. In addition, we will use these funds to help support our short-term missionaries who will be going to India, Mexico, Ecuador and New Orleans. Giving to Faith Promise is a way to help everyone going on a short-term team. Last year, Faith Promise funds enabled everyone, on every team, to go, and the funds also helped several of our missionary partners.


Recognizing that everything we have belongs to God, including our money, and then trusting God to supply all our needs, we are promising that we will give back to Him for His purposes. When we pray over what we should give, we ask God to stretch us, as we trust Him with our finances. A Faith Promise for missions is one external expression of obedience to Christ's command to fulfill the Great Commission to reach all nations with the Gospel. Based on His promises, God uses our faithfulness to build His church worldwide. In view of this we will" 

  1. Pray for what the Lord would have us Promise Supplied? do and know that what He commands, He also enables. 
  2. Commit ourselves to make a Faith Promise, realizing our faith will grow as we stay committed to that promise. 
  3. Look for the different ways God will use us to supply our Faith Promise. Be faithful to give as God enables us.


Does a Faith Promise always come in some dramatic, unexpected manner? Do we make a Faith Promise and then just sit back and wait to see what happens? Based on experiences of many individuals and churches there are three general ways God uses to supply a Faith Promise:

  1. Reordering Priorities - By applying better principles of stewardship and adjusting our priorities to reflect our desire to see the world evangelized, we can generate money for reaching the world.  
  2. Creative Ways - By creatively looking for opportunities, we can provide, or supplement, our Faith Promise.
  3. Unexpected Ways - From time to time, God will provide for our Faith Promise in miraculous, dramatic ways.


Your Faith Promise commitments are given throughout the year along with your other tithes and offerings. You can give three ways:

  1. Use an offering envelope by indicating on the Faith Promise box the amount you are giving, or write "Faith Promise" on the memo line of your check.  
  2. Use the Elexio App on your phone or visit our website Make sure you select "Faith Promise" from the Fund option.
  3. You can Venmo the money to Neighborhood Church by using the Venmo name neighborhoodchurch_ and putting "Faith Promise" in the description.