Here at Neighborhood Church, we believe that God has called us to trust in Him in all things. Because God is our provider, we trust God to supply all of our needs. That is where Faith Promise comes from.

To learn more about what Faith Promise means, watch the video or read below.


What is a Faith Promise?

A Faith Promise is a promise to give a financial gift for global outreach based upon faith in who God is and what He is calling us to do. It is a commitment that by God’s grace, we will give a certain amount of money that God puts on our hearts, as He makes those funds available. A Faith Promise commitment is motivated and compelled by faith, trusting that God will allow us the means to give and serve needs around the world for His glory. A Faith Promise for missions is one external expression of obedience to Christ’s command to fulfill the Great Commission to reach all nations with the gospel. Based on His promises, He uses our faithfulness to build His church worldwide.


Some may worry that this is a kind of pledge drive or that the participants will be receiving phone calls about the commitments made. This is a Faith PROMISE - not a pledge, and this promise is not to the church. We are promising God that if He provides the resources, we will pay them forward to support missions and missionaries as He has directed our hearts. The church will not collect names, but will collect the promised amounts, so that giving can be appropriately planned. This is, ultimately, a promise between us and God.


As we commit ourselves to this step of faith, it gives us new eyes to see our stewardship. Instead of sitting back and waiting, we begin to actively look for ways God will provide for us to fulfill our Faith Promise.


We believe in tithing at Neighborhood Church (Malachi 3:8-10). Faith Promise is a gift that is above and beyond our tithes.

How do I make a Faith Promise?

We can respond with these steps:

  1. Pray for what the Lord would have us do and know that what He commands, He also enables.
  2. Commit ourselves to make a Faith Promise, realizing our faith will grow as we stay committed to that promise.
  3. Look for the different ways God will use us to supply our Faith Promise.

How Do i give to Faith Promise?

Online, give to Faith Promise here. Simply select "Faith Promise" from the Fund options. 

-Via checks: write ‘Faith Promise’ on the memo line.

-With cash, use an offering envelope and indicating "Faith Promise" on the outside. 

Thank you!