how is our faith promise supplied?

Does a Faith Promise always come in some dramatic, unexpected manner? Do we make a Faith Promise and then just sit back and wait to see what happens? Once in a while God does surprise us with a miracle, but usually a Faith Promise does not come in a dramatic way. God’s miracle may come as we cut back in some spending area that will enable us to have more to give, or as a creative way that we can do something extra that will generate more income.


Based on experiences of many individuals and churches there are three general ways God uses to supply a Faith Promise:


1.Reordering Priorities - By applying better principles of stewardship and adjusting our priorities to reflect our desire to see the world evangelized, we can generate money for reaching the world. This means evaluating our lifestyles and finding more ways to decrease unnecessary personal expenses, therefore freeing funds for missions. For example, we may make a decision to eat out one less time per week.


2.Creative Ways - By creatively looking for opportunities we can provide, or supplement, our Faith Promise. For example, a teenager might make a Faith Promise and trust God to give her enough baby-sitting jobs to enable her to keep her promise. Or, someone might have a garage sale to get rid of unneeded items and generate enough extra money for their Faith Promise.


3. Unexpected Ways - From time to time, God will provide for our Faith Promise in miraculous, dramatic ways. For example, an overlooked pay raise is made retroactive, covering a Faith Promise made the previous month. Or a stock suddenly jumps in price before the sale and the price jump is just enough to cover the Faith Promise.

where will our faith promise funds go?

Our Faith Promise will go to fund short-term and long-term missions. Our goal is to fund our entire mission budget through Faith Promise, allowing us to meet mission needs and opportunities as they arise, independently of our regular church budget. As a church, we will continue to make sure that we meet the commitments we have made for this budget year, yet we also want to see where else God might have us step out. 

In addition, we will use these funds to help support our short-term missionaries who will be going to India, Mexico, Ecuador and more! Giving to Faith Promise is a way to help everyone going on a short-term team. Last year, Faith Promise funds enabled everyone, on every team, to go, and the funds also helped several of our missionary partners!

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