HOly week & Easter

in our neighborhood

Join us this season as we find hope in the goodness of God! Check out all our opportunities to celebrate and connect with God and others below...

  • SErve Wednesday

    local opportunities

  • Maundy Thursday

    at-home experience

  • Good Friday

    worship gathering

  • Serve Saturday

    local opportunities

  • Easter Sunday

    Worship gatherings

  • Your Next Step

    Curious to learn more about following Jesus? Take your next step here! 

  • Palm Sunday

    Worship Gatherings

  • "Trunk & Tweet"

    Community festival

  • Lent season

    daily devotionals

A week like no other

This spring has a depth to it more than any time in recent memory. It seems like we are all coming back to life after the last 12 months. As we approach the most significant of Christian weeks this year – from Palm Sunday to Good Friday to Easter Sunday – we want to spend time reflecting and celebrating, but we also want it to change us. It truly is a week that changed the world – and it keeps changing the world. It is a week where we see the extent of God’s love and power on display, but this love isn’t an end in itself. Rather, it changes us so that we begin loving others like Jesus as well. We engage the world because of the amazing way God has engaged us. We want to love the world by engaging it in Jesus’ power and in His name.