Checking in 

  • Individuals and families should stay home if they or anyone in their household is sick.  
  • As individuals enter our facility, we ask each view our signs posted on lobby windows and walls regarding COVID-19 symptoms. If you've noticed any COVID-19 symptoms regarding your own health, please enjoy our online Livestream option, in order to lovingly protect and care for others.  


  • In compliance with the new statewide indoor Mask Requirement, we ask, if you are able and not exempt, to wear a mask while attending public gatherings inside this building until February 15th or beyond. 
  • We also ask that great love, kindness, grace, and non-judgment be extended to all, mask or no mask.

Physical Distancing  

  • Please maintain 6 feet of physical distance from anyone not belonging to your immediate household when possible  
  • If possible, make efforts to avoid touching commonly used surfaces

Cleanliness and Disinfecting  

  • It is encouraged we use hand-sanitizer stations and/or wash our hands with soap & water frequently. 
  • Commonly used surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected after each gathering