Pursuing Harmony in Divided times

Romans, Part IV (chapters 14 - 16) 

We are in contentious times. Voices are loud and often angry. As a contentious election approaches, it is worth remembering that Jesus followers ultimately belong to a different kingdom. We’re certainly to love our cities and our nation and to engage in the process as we’re led – from voting to campaigning to running for office.  

But we’re not to forget where our ultimate allegiance lies – with Jesus. And Jesus’ people live differently.  

And if we’re Jesus’ people, we do life Jesus’ way, not the way of cable news pundits and political operatives. Our differences – even amongst ourselves (perhaps especially amongst ourselves!) – should be navigated with grace and respect for “the other” in our midst. Our differences are not meant to divide us and break us down, but like beautiful music, create harmony – differences working together to make something beautiful, even in these divided times.  

This is our challenge: pursuing harmony – not uniformity – in divided times as we celebrate and point people to our True and Coming King, regardless of who wins upcoming elections.  

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