"I AM"  -  Facing Uncertain Times with an Ever-Present God

Coronavirus doesn’t end when “safer-at-home” suggestions end. Even if the virus passes, the effects will linger in countless ways. For some it will be financial ruin – or at least significant stress. For others it will be repairing family relationships – the stress of homeschooling and just “staying at home.” For still others, the trauma of being alone and not experiencing human touch and interpersonal, real-live contact will have unknown consequences.

We need God. We need God in more ways than we can imagine. Thankfully, God reveals Himself in multiple ways and most clearly through Jesus. The Bible is full of rich images, but we’re going to look at more than images over the coming weeks. There are a powerful two words, seemingly benign in English, “I AM.” But they carry much more weight than that. They speak to the ever-present nature of God as shepherd, bread of life, and so many others.


Our times are uncertain, but our God is not. He is with us. Now. And in exactly the way we need Him.

Sermon series schedule

June 7, 2020 - Hope in the Desert

God is present always, but makes Himself present in the wilderness.

Genesis 3


To See Jesus is to See the Father

Jesus is fully God – “I AM”

John 8.42/48-59


Annual Celebration!


The Bread of Life

John 6.25-59

Light of the World

John 8.12-30

The Door

John 10.1-10


The Good Shepherd

John 10.11-21


Resurrection and the Life

Text: John 11.1-44

The Way, the Truth, the Life

John 14.1-14

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