Wait, It's Christmas!

Waiting and Christmas go together like Christmas cookies and milk, but it doesn’t always mean the same things to the same people. A young child – or perhaps those young at heart – might say, “I can’t wait for Christmas!” while a harried parent may realize, with shock and dread, “Wait. It’s Christmas already?!”  

Waiting is part of Christmas. It always has been. It’s the nature of the advent season. If we think waiting for Christmas after Thanksgiving, or Halloween for some, is difficult, think about the people of Israel waiting for that first Christmas. It had been centuries of silence from God as they lived on the fumes of hope, awaiting a Messiah. And then, in the fullness of time, Jesus was born in Bethlehem – and the whole world changed. Jesus was worth the wait 2000 years ago and He’s worth the wait for us today.  

As we learn to wait upon, and with, God today, the Holy Spirit does the good work of transformation in our lives. Join us this advent season for “Wait, It’s Christmas.” 

Sermon series


11/27 -  Wait, God is at Work

     Prophecies of Jesus’ birth

     Isaiah 7.14; 9.8; 53.3-7; 61.1-3; John 1.29


12/04 - Wait Constructs Perseverance

     Zechariah & Elizabeth

     Luke 1:5-25, 57-80

12/11 - Wait Creates Presence

     Mary & Joseph

     Psalm 19 Luke 1:18-56

12/18 - Wait Cultivates Wisdom

     The Magi

     Matthew 2:1-12

12/24 - God is in the Wait

     Christmas Eve

     Luke 2:1-7

12/25 - Wait Builds Faith

     Simeon & Anna

     Luke 2:22-38