The Book of Acts

Stepping Out...

Jesus' disciples learned how to follow Him wherever He led, and He

calls us to do the same. We explored this in our Fall Focus,

STEPS: Following Jesus Where He Leads. And yet, we may wonder

how that is possible since Jesus is now seated at the Father's right

hand instead of being bodily present with us as He was for the original disciples.

God, in His wisdom, saw this coming and has shown us the way

forward in the Book of Acts. The Book of Acts is also written by Luke

and it is about the amazing expansion of the church from Jerusalem to the ends of the earth. - by the power of the Holy Spirit as the church "stepped out."

As the Holy Spirit dwells in us, He uses us on His mission. 

The Book of Acts is all about stepping out in faith, and God is calling us to step out today as well. Join us as we take our first steps on this journey of "Stepping Out" in the Book of Acts through the winter and spring of this year.

ONLINE DEVOTIONAL for the Lent Season: Beyond the Surface

Sermon series Calendar


01/07 –  Stepping Out with Generosity

Acts 4:32–5:11

01/14 –  Stepping Out in Power

Acts 5:12–42

01/21 –  Stepping Out to Solve Problems

Acts 6:1–15

01/28 –  Stepping Out ...

Acts 7:1–60


02/04 –  Stepping Out on Mission

Acts 8:1–40

02/11 –  Stepping Out ...

Acts 9:1–31

02/18 –  Stepping Out ...

Acts 9:32–11:18

02/25 –  Stepping Out ...

Acts 11:19–12:25


03/03 –  Stepping Out ...

Acts 8:1–40