Following jesus together

If the last couple years have taught us anything, it’s taught us how important it is to be connected. At the same time, with all that can divide us or quarantine us, it’s also more difficult than ever to connect. Whether we find the “other” too unclean or we’ve just lost the skills for building strong relationships, the task is daunting. 


Another thing many of us have learned is that we need Jesus to help us endure the madness that is this world. For some, we see that He has sustained us, and maybe others are examining the faith to see if Jesus can really help them navigate this crazy life. 

What if these two challenges are meant to be tackled together? When we spend time with Jesus, it shapes how we treat others. Or, from the other direction, the experience is all the richer when we follow Jesus together.


As we move out of the Christmas season, this is a worthy journey. Join us as we follow Jesus together through some highlights of Mark’s Gospel in this new year. 

Sermon series


01/02 -  Jesus: The Team Player

     Mark 1:1–20

01/09 - People > Tradition

     Mark 2:18–3:6

01/16 -  A New Family on Mission

     Mark 3:7–35

01/23 -  Kingdom Parables

     Mark 4:21–34

01/30 - Saved and Sent

     Mark 5:1–20


02/06 - Missions Week

     (date is subject to change)

02/13 - The Challenge of Following Jesus

     Mark 6:1–29

02/20 - Jesus Provides Where Others Don't

     Mark 8:1–21

02/27 - Perspectives on Jesus: Blind, Peter, God

     Mark 8:22–9:13


03/06 - Clarifying Priorities

     Mark 9:30–50

03/13 - Together as a Family

     Mark 10:1–16

03/20 - Rich Young Ruler

     Mark 10:17–31

03/27 - Render Unto Caesar

     Mark 12:13–17


04/03 - Resurrection, Messiah, Love & Authority

     Mark 12:18-44

04/10 - Palm Sunday

     Mark 11:1-11

04/14 - Maundy Thursday

     Mark 14:10–31

04/17 - Easter Sunday!

     Mark 16:1–20

04/24 - The End of the World as We Know It

     Mark 13:1–37


05/01 - Jesus Anointed at Bethany

     Mark 14:1–9

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