Fall Focus 2023

STEPS: Following Where Jesus Leads

Life can be messy. Sin ruins us and it harms those around us. And before we point our fingers to blame the sinners around us, let’s remember we’re all born sinners. Thankfully our sin isn’t the end of the story. God is on a mission. The culmination of His mission was sending Jesus to save us from our sin. But Jesus’ mission was about more than just saving us for heaven someday; He was a missionary creating other missionaries. In the biblical language, He was making disciples who make disciples. As Jesus lived on mission to help people experience God’s love and salvation in Him, He wasn’t just living it; He was training others. We’re to walk “in His steps” and help others experience God’s love and salvation in Him similarly to how He did it 2000 years ago. So join us for this All Church Focus on highlights from Luke’s gospel and be sure to get in a Life Group and grab our devotional resource to follow Jesus wherever He leads through His life and ministry – step by step.

Sermon series Calendar


09/17 –  Spirit-Filled Like Jesus

Luke overview of ACF Study

09/24 –  Mission-Focused Like Jesus

Luke 4:38 - 5:11


10/01 –  Wise Like Jesus

Luke 6:20 - 49

10/08 –  Inclusive Like Jesus

Luke 8:40-56

10/15 –  Compassionate Like Jesus

Luke 10:25 - 37

10/22 –  Challenging Like Jesus

Luke 14:25 - 35

10/29 –  Forgiving Like Jesus

Luke 15:11-32