Encounters with Jesus

As the world opens up and gets back to normal, we need to remember that we’ll never be the same after all that 2020 brought us. COVID amplified the heartache of social unrest, a contentious election, and economic havoc. But it also amplified the challenges of our home lives. From the tensions themselves to the fact that many of us are constantly home, nerves can get frayed and harm can be done. Some of the harm done won’t be fixed by going back to work or school or being able to go watch a movie.  

We need healing. We need forgiveness. We need reconciliation. We need hope.  

In this series we’re looking at encounters with Jesus that can begin the process of healing that many of us need. We need to know that God is able to bring the healing. We need to know that we can be forgiven and, because of that, we can forgive. We need to get our financial house in order … and more! 

Sermon series schedule

4/11 Jesus Calms the Sea / Storm (Mark 4:35-41)  

4/18 God’s Forgiveness (Lk 15.11-32 – Prodigal Son)  

4/25 Forgive One Another (Mt 18.23-35 – Unforgiving Servant)  

5/2 Stewardship (Mt 25.14-30 – Talents)

5/9 “She Knows” (Lk 10.25-42 - Good Sam, Mary, & Martha)

5/16 The Treasure Principle (Matthew 6:21)

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