Holding on for Hope Amid Grief and Sorrow

Grief. Sorrow. Pain. Suffering. Hardship. Unpleasant words, but all too familiar. From the loss of loved ones to broken relationships to loneliness; from failure to chronic illness to the cloud that just never lifts, suffering might look different to each of us, but it is no stranger to any of us. Personal tragedy – whether through our own sinfulness or the wickedness of others – can devastate. But recent years have taught us that tragedies aren’t just personal. Sometimes they can be worldwide. Personal or public, when the weight of sorrow and grief crush us, we need hope. Some of that hope comes from the fact that God is our Comforter and is close to the broken hearted. There’s hope in knowing that God understands there is a time to mourn. 

To help with that, He’s given us His Word and His Spirit to help us with our mourning and to point us to the hope that only God provides. During this season of Lent we will prepare for the hope of Easter by walking through the valley of grief that is the Book of Lamentations. Lamentations is a personal and corporate, well … lament, in the wake of Jerusalem’s destruction at the hand of the Babylonians some 2600 years ago, but the pain echoes through the millennia and rings true still today. Gratefully, so do the glimmers of hope. 

Sermon series


02/26 -  The Separation of Sin

     Lamentations 1


03/05 -  The Heavy Hand of God

     Lamentations 2

03/12 -  Missions Week

     Neighborhood Church takes time to focus on missions!

03/19 -  Joy Comes in the Morning

     Lamentations 3

03/26 -  Thorough Devastation

     Lamentations 4-5