We are excited to resume in-person gatherings for 1st-6th grades this Sunday, October 4th at 9 am!  

Please check-in at the gray double-doors on the west end of our building.  You will be given a check out receipt.  Make sure to hang on to that.  You will need it for check out.

  Once you check your child in, they will remain in the Gym for worship and Sunday school. The children will worship along with the Cypress Campus Livestream and then hear a live in-person message from one of their Sunday School teachers.

For check out, you will head over the same gray double-doors where you checked your child-in.  Please hand the greeter at the door the check out receipt for your child and they will send for them.


9:00am // 1st Sunday Worship Gathering  // Cypress Campus Gym or Live Stream

11:00am // 2nd Sunday Worship Gathering // Live Stream Only