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Every week, Neighborhood Church curates a variety of resources to augment each message from our Sunday services. Click the dropdown menu below to access these materials for your reflection.

  • Revive Podcast Episode 160: Stepping Out in New Territory

    Sunday Service Cypress Campus

    Sunday Service Los Al Campus

    First Baptist Church of Los Alamitos Service

    Pastor Mike Blog - Better Together Like Ants?!

    Book by Lee Strobel - Case For Christ

    Book by Lee Strobel - Case For Faith

    Sean McDowell Podcast on YouTube

    Provisioning - The process of setting up and delivering resources and functionality to individuals or systems

    Contextualization - definition in terms of the Bible and evangelism

    Syncretism - definition in relation to religion

    Athens Map - Mars Hill (Areopagus) - Map

    Colossians 1:15-19 - all of these things are subordinate to Christ

    C.S. Lewis - Intellectual who became a Christian - Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

    Book - Peace Child - Don and Carol Richardson

    Redemptive Analogy - What is the culture thing in a people group that we can find to make Gospel connections?

This week at neighborhood church

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  • Bible study Fellowship

    Cypress Campus

    Mondays at 6:55pm (on summer break)

  • AA Meetings

    Cypress Campus - Room 4

    Tuesdays 6pm – 7pm

  • Youth Group

    Cypress Campus

    Tuesday 7pm – 8:30pm

  • Celebrate Recovery

    Cypress Campus - Room 2

    On break until further notice

  • Cypress Campus

    On summer vacation until August

  • Women's Bible Study

    Cypress Campus

    Thursdays 9:30am-11:30am

  • Pure Desire

    Cypress Campus - Room 201

    Thursdays 7pm – 9pm

  • More than conquerors

    Cypress Campus - Room 205

    Thursday 7pm – 9pm

  • Al-Anon

    Cypress Campus - Prayer Room

    Thursdays 7:00pm – 8:30pm

NEEd Prayer?

Times are hard and sometimes it can feel hopeless. In that moment, prayer can shift our focus to the God who listens and loves you very much. No matter what you are going through, we would love to pray for you.