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  • Revive Podcast Episode 130: On Mission Like Jesus

    Sunday Service at Neighborhood Church of Cypress


    Sunday Service at Neighborhood Church of Los Alamitos


    2 Corinthians 10:5 - We take captive every thoughts

    Isaiah 55:8-9 - God’s thoughts are not our thoughts, his ways are not our ways

    Luke 4:42-44 - I must preach to other cities as well - Jesus was always mission focused

    Luke 4:42- the next day early Jesus went to pray

    Sea of Galilee Map link

    Genesis 1:1 - 3:24 - Lastly God creates mankind - verse kills animals, covers nakedness

    John 6:60-71 - people leave and Jesus asks disciples “Will you leave too?”

    Matthew 16:24-25 - take up your cross and follow me

    Matthew 19:27 - behold we’ve left everything - Jesus says you will sit with me - vs 29-30, Jesus says EVERYONE who follows will also receive and live forever

    In Acts 2, when they receive the Holy Spirit, the Disciples were never the same

    Discipleship - we learn to be gracious and merciful with everyone. We are called to be discipled and to disciple others.

    Blue Letter Bible - meaning of Disciple, one who longs to know God

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